Aquascale Digital Scale & Thermometer 3-in-1 Infant Bath Tub in White
Ref: MED44260767
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The Digital Scale & Thermometer 3-in-1 Infant Tub features a digital scale with a patented technology that reads your child's weight with or without water. It also has a thermometer that monitors and displays the water temperature.
Product description

Aqua Scale is a 3-in-1 infant tub, digital thermometer and digital scale. It records your baby’s precise weight, while making adjustments for water and movement. The built-in thermometer automatically monitors the temperature of the water to ensure that the baby is comfortable, enabling you to make any necessary adjustments to the water temperature. The specially designed unique ergonomic shape of the tub has been created to hold babies up to six months old in the perfect position and includes and anti-slip feature. Once your baby has learned to sit, the Aqua Scale easily converts to a toddler tub, accommodating children up to two years of age. The scale can be used with or without water. The water temperature continuously updates on the LCD.

Product features

This Digital Scale & Thermometer 3-in-1 Infant Tub features a digital scale, a water thermometer, and a convertible tub.

Displays baby's precise weight down to the ounce (or grams).

Memory functions store your baby's previous weight for simple tracking.

Durable plastic construction.

Measures 31-7/10"" L x 30-1/5"" W x 11-1/5"" H.

Anti-slip pad.

Uses two AAA batteries (not included).

UL listed.

Suitable for newborns and up.

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