Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump with On-the-Go Tote
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The Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump with On-the-Go Tote is a daily use breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. This set offers portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere.
Product description

Medela is the #1 Physician Recommended Breast Pump Product in the U.S.* Discounted Month of 24/7 LC: Receive 30 days of discounted access with your purchase of Pump in Style Advanced and instantly connect to live lactation consultants anytime; look inside your pump box for a BONUS OFFER PROMO CODE, an $80 value for just $29.99 Medela Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is portable and discreet.

Product features
  • Designed for daily use and moms who pump several times a day.
  • 2-Phase Expression technology which produces more milk in less time** for efficient expression and maximized flow.


  • Inside the tote bag, you’ll find:
  • - Built-in Pump in Style Advanced breast pump with one touch letdown button, and integrated motor unit.
  • - Double pumping breast pump kit includes: (1) set of PersonalFit Breast Shields 24mm; (2) breast shield connectors; (2) valves and membranes; (1) set of tubing.
  • - Portable battery pack for added convenience and easy mobility (requires 8 AA batteries -not included).
  • - Removable cooler bag and (1) contoured ice pack.
  • - Four 5-oz. 150 mL breast milk bottles with lids***
  • - AC adaptor.
  • - Instructions for Use.
  • - Ample space to ensure careful organization and transportation of your breast milk, including built-in bottle holders, dedicated tubing storage pocket, and wide straps for added comfort.


  • Made in USA of U.S. and imported materials.
  • Model 57063T.
  • All parts that touch breast milk are made without BPA
Return policy
No Fee Within 15 days
Póngase en contacto con el vendedor directamente para obtener información sobre la garantía de este producto. MEDPROZONE: + 1 (844) 591-7051
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